Renfrew Flood of January 6, 2005

I apologize for the clumsy stitching on these panoramas. I took the images with my cell phone, which has no panorama setting.

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Main Street, viewed looking southward on Meridian Road
Halfway up Main Street, looking south at the church
Some schmuck tried to drive through it. This is on the town side of the flood on Renfrew Road, looking eastward. Our house is about a half mile east, beyond the flood

Crappy Movies Taken with my Cell Phone

These are grainy and small. Sorry, that's all you get from a cell phone with the light that was available.

3g2 is a form of QuickTime for 3G (third generation) cell phones. You need QuickTime 6.5 or newer to view it. If you don’t already have it, you can get it here.

Sweeping view of Main Street, starting looking southward across the bridge and sweeping east.
Sweeping westward from the bridge. As bad as the flood was here, it was unbelievably worse where this creek crosses Beaver County. A dam broke in Franklin, adding insult to injury.
Sweeping east to west to get a view of the flooding at the church.
Schmuck's car.
Looking at the creek, trying to show the speed of the water.